We bring agile to integrated product development

Meqify support clients in business domains outside pure Software to take advantage of powerful Agile frameworks such as Scrum.

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We support our clients in creating empowered cross-functional teams. Engineers who focus on developing products have more fun.


By giving full accountability to the engineering teams, engineers are empowered to take decisions, which leads to smoother and faster execution.


Building teams with cross-functional competencies, focused on addressing the greatest risks, leads to higher product quality.

About us.

Our strong experience in R&D leadership at company, as well as team level, makes us the perfect partner to support clients in their transition to Agile. Our technology experience spans software and computer science, engineering physics, electronics and mechanical engineering. We support clients in forming highly efficient and motivated cross-functional teams, with the product at the centre. In addition we offer Agile Training and Agile Management level coaching.

The team.


Together we have more than 30 years of experience of developing complex products with Agile frameworks.

Certified ScrumMaster®

Professional Scrum Master™ level I

Project Management Professional®

Our methodology.

We are creating a new consulting services market by deploying agile/scrum on integrated product development (complex products with mechanics, electronics and software). We have proven that the agile manifesto and the scrum framework work with client projects for integrated product development.

Read more about the Scrum Framework in this document from Scrum Alliance

To learn more view our short animation on this link.

Scrum Challenges

We help our clients overcome the transition from the traditional way of working to working with Scrum. It is vital to have professional guidance throughout this substantial transition.

Scrum Opportunities

In software development Scrum is by far outperforming the traditional way of working. We have proven that significant performance improvement can also be gained with Scrum on integrated product development.

Scrum Benefits

The performance gain comes through getting meaningful individual interactions and empowered engineers, focusing on product development and customer collaboration.

Our Services.

Through implementing Agile frameworks such as Scrum we support our customers to increase employee motivation, operational efficiency and product quality. Below are our main offerings, but we also offer tailor made solutions upon customer requests.

Scrum Pilot

We prepare, kick-off and lead an adapted pilot implementation of Scrum in the role of Scrum Master. In parallel we do Agile Training and Coaching of Scrum Team, Management and surrounding organization.

  • Pilot start-up preparations
  • Kick-off training for the team
  • Teaching and coaching Scrum Framework during pilot period
  • Training and coaching of the organization in Agile & Scrum
  • Preparation of the next steps

Agile Training

We train your Scrum Teams, Management Teams and Program Teams in Agile and Scrum basics and the adaptations for Integrated Product Development.

For Scrum Teams, Management Teams and Program Teams:

  • Agile and Scrum basics
  • Scrum adaptations for Integrated Product Development
  • Theory and exercises
  • Off-site teambuilding sessions
  • 2-day training class "Scrum for Hardware"

Agile Coach & Scrum Master

We staff your project teams with professional Scrum Masters and experienced Agile Coaches.

  • Professional Scrum Master: to take the role in new or experienced teams
  • Agile Coach: for coaching start-up of new teams and for coaching the organisation in the Scrum way of working

Transition Lead

We support your organisation with planning and executing the transition from traditional project methods to agile ways of working. Including how to integrate Scrum with company governance, roles and responsibilities.

  • Leads the full transition to the Agile & Scrum way of working
  • Delivers coaching to management teams and safeguards the Scrum teams
  • Leads the work to integrate Scrum with company governance, roles and responsibilities

Are you an Agile Coach or Scrum Master?

We are looking for candidates with Agile/Scrum experience. Preferably in the role of Scrum Master/Agile Coach. We believe that you have been working a few years with Scrum in the Software domain. You probably have a background as Project Manager or Line Manager. We also believe that you have a sincere interest in people and social interaction. That you are curious about new environments, new people and new ways of working. We believe that you have an open mindset and that you are interested in joining our experienced team of Agile Coaches. We can offer an inspiring job with good benefits and interesting outlook. You have a University education in engineering or information technology. You are fluent in Swedish and English. We need at least 2 references from previous employers. Join our team!